Un nuovo Erasmus+ per il biennio: la descrizione ufficiale

Il nostro Istituto ha ottenuto il finanziamento europeo per un nuovo progetto Erasmus+ dal titolo Promoting European cohesion and integration through the development of intercultural sports games. La lingua veicolare sarà l’inglese e i nostri partners sono una scuola tedesca (Gymnasium Langen, Geestland) e una scuola spagnola (Colegio San Enrique de Hermanas Carmelitas del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús, Quart de Poblet).

Il progetto sarà destinato agli alunni delle classi prime e seconde e avrà per tema lo sport come elemento di unione tra culture e paesi diversi.

Di seguito la descrizione ufficiale del progetto:

Our Erasmus+ project “Promoting European cohesion and integration through the development of intercultural sports games” will bring together students and teachers from three European schools in Italy, Spain and Germany over a period of 22 months. Therefore, it will contribute to the visualization of our European community of shared values. It will show that sport and Europe are a strong link by using the uniting and peacemaking effect of sport. In line with the project theme, our students will deal with the topic of “Sport in Europe” in a multidimensional and multiperspectival workshop, focusing on the development of new sports games. The big advantage is obvious: if students have developed a game themselves, they will completely identify with it – it is their game with their common rules. Their different ideas and different cultural backgrounds will merge into one newly created European sports game.

An integral part of the project will be transnational meetings involving 10 students aged 13 to 16 and two teachers from each school participating in the project (Gymnasium Langen / Germany, Colegio San Enrique de Hermanas Carmelitas del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús / Spain und IIS Rolando da Piazzola / Italy). There will always be a theoretical and a practical part in these meetings. The focus will be on sports game development, but furthermore we will look at sport from different cultural and sociological perspectives like the meaning of sport in different cultures, trend sports, fair play, doping, gender stereotypes and equality of opportunity.

The project will be designed in a multimedia way, using cinematic elements (short videos) as well as print and online media. The process of developing games will be highly communicative in both national and international project phases, as it will be based on the negotiation of different ideas and their subsequent testing with the given material in the given spatial and social environment. (Planned process: 1. Playing known sports games, 2. Comparing the games, 3. Developing criteria respectively categories for new sports games, 4. Modifying known games using the criteria/categories + creating a game rules index for new sports games, 5. Inventing new sports games by using the game rules index). The games will be explained to the respective partner schools and subsequently played and filmed by the students. If necessary, further explanations and improvements will follow. The aim is to create an develop new European sports games in the course of the project, which will finally be played by international teams as part of a large final event.

We believe that working together on a common European topic will stimulate the debate on the European idea and hence sustainably as well as positively strengthen it. The common creation of something new will connect the students across national borders and show that the in-depth understanding of other cultures can only be experienced in direct intercultural contact with other European nations. Besides the positive perception of cultural diversity, friendships will be established, prejudices will be reduced, foreign language and media skills will be expanded, and sports and creative skills will be promoted.

Pubblicato il 15-11-2019